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Enhancing Skills and Knowledge in Elder Care


We Offer Caregiver Education Tailored to Elder Care Needs in Hawaii.

Grief Counseling

Grief counseling provides compassionate support and guidance to individuals navigating loss, offering a safe space to express emotions and explore coping strategies.

Elder Care Education

Elder caregiving education provides essential skills for compassionate and effective care, improving the well-being of elderly individuals.


Elder care seminars offer valuable insights and practical advice for providing optimal care to seniors, empowering caregivers with knowledge and support.

Meet Emelyn Kim

With Over 20 Years of Elder Care Experience!

Aloha! As the owner of Elder Care 808. I am a dedicated advocate for Hawaii’s kupuna. With
more than 20 years of professional experience in elder care, I believe I fill a critical need for
support and counseling services for families caring for aging loved ones, as well as kupuna who
are preparing for retirement. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Hawaii and went to San Francisco State University to earn my Master of Science degree in Gerontological Counseling. After returning to Oahu in 2007, I established Elder Care 808 to provide comprehensive support and counseling for caregivers and families. I like to say that my approach is rooted and
influenced by my traditional Japanese upbringing, which includes a strong family legacy of
caregiving and teaching.

I draw inspiration from the bonsai tree, which in Asian cultures, represents balance, harmony
and, most importantly, patience. Taking years of training and care, in order to flourish, bonsai
trees require a delicate balance of sunlight, water and guidance. In the same way, I believe that
families can be gently guided to overcome difficulties and to find balance between caring for
their loved ones, as well as themselves.

Why Choose Elder Care 808

We Provide Expert Elder Care Education Services in Hawaii

Expert elder care education is fundamental in safeguarding the welfare and enhancing the quality of life for seniors as they confront the complexities of aging. This educational framework is structured to deliver comprehensive and tailored support aligned with the distinct requirements of older individuals.

Elder care education encompasses various facets, including training in daily activity assistance, healthcare administration, emotional guidance, and fostering social connections. Incorporating Eme’s services into an EAP can lead to significant cost savings for employers. Educated and supported employees are more productive and less likely to experience burnout or mental health issues. This can result in fewer workplace incidents, reduced healthcare costs and overall improved employee performance.


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